Dear Mr. Verardi, Jr.,

We wanted to send this letter to you to express our deepest appreciation for a job well done by yourself and your crew!

Our driveway/backyard deck area went from a dirt hole using plywood to step on to a beautiful, rich-looking patio! We cannot wait to have a picnic and show all of our family and friends. Thus far, we received visits by our neighbors who, in turn, told other neighbors to see the wonderful landscape work the McCorristons had done.

As every homeowner knows, any type of project regarding the home, is not an easy thing to do, but you made it very easy for us. In addition to your expertise, we want to thank you for your attentiveness you always gave to us when we had questions to ask. We also admire you for your personality. You were thought of more as a friend or someone we knew rather than an owner of a business. We were never afraid to be ourselves or felt uncomfortable confronting you with ideas or plans for the job to be performed. Any obstacles that came your way, you explained in full detail what had to be done, why it had to be done, the additional cost, and the type of equipment being used.

To add to the above, your proposed contract was well-written and detail-oriented based on the discussions during the initial meeting. Your financial plan was also affordable at the time work was completed. Most importantly, would be your promptness. Whenever you said you were going to call or be at our home, you were—no sooner, no later. You were right on schedule. In today’s world of business contracting, this is very rare to find. You showed such professionalism calling us every time you left our home and giving us the latest updates and asking us, “How do you like it so far?”

In conclusion to this letter, we want to say “Thank You” once again. Two things you can be sure of:

  • JV Landscaping will be referred to those we know who need landscape work done.
  • Our future projects will only be done by JV Landscaping.

Please say “Hello” to your father from us. He is a very wise and knowledgeable man and really nice to speak to. We can see how the statement “Like father, like son” is so true!

Sincerely yours,

Connie & David McCorriston
Bristol, CT
November 8, 2004


Dear Joe,

Another summer has gone by, at this time I would like to thank you, Joe, and Charlie for the good lawn service you have provided for me. You are fortunate to have two men like Joe and Charlie on your payroll. They do very good work. They are a good team and a pleasure to watch them work. They hustle and are efficient. Thank Joe and Charlie for me as I was not at home on their last trip. Wish all of you a good fall and winter and wish to see you again in spring. Thanks again for everything.


Carl Suchodolski
Bristol, CT
October 26, 2004


To Whom It May Concern,

This spring I met with several landscaping organizations looking for ideas and plans to turn my backyard into usable space. I was immediately impressed with Joe’s ideas for the project. In fact, Joe was the only contractor who could envision what needed to be done and explain it to me so that I could visualize the end result.

The written quote format used by JV Landscaping was very easy to understand and covered all of the stages of the project as well as the areas of concern we discussed during our initial meeting. After reading through the quotation, I had a clear understanding of the work that needed to be done and very few questions. Any questions I did have were handled in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.

While working on our project, Joe encountered several obstacles. Each issue was dealt with and thoroughly resolved without causing any delays. Having watched Joe work on my project, I know that the phrase “Good Enough” is not a part of his company philosophy. Joe obviously takes great pride in his work and is a perfectionist. Customer satisfaction is important to him.

I particularly appreciated the level of respect his crew showed for my property while working in my yard. At the end of every day all of the equipment and unused raw materials were put away and/or neatly stacked at the edge of the property. Plus, any refuse that was created was picked up on a daily basis.

Judging from my past experiences, an organization like JV Landscaping is rare these days. The work was started and completed according to our agreed upon timetable and was on budget. I highly recommend Joe Verardi and JV Landscaping and would not hesitate to call them again in the future.


Michael D. Sigmund
Bristol, CT
November 8, 2002